WHO Lockdown Protocol And Procedure For COVID-19 In India #FactCheck

A new message is circulating on social media about the World Health Organization lockdown protocol and procedure for COVID-19. Is this true? Lets do a simple fact check.

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The message mentions four steps of lockdown that are (as reported by the viral message) advised by the World Health Organization to fight against the Corona Virus Disease (COViD – 19). 

It also mentions that India has been following the first two steps till now and after 14th April, a five-day relaxation period will be observed. After this, it mentions that the step 3 of the lockdown will start, which will last for 28 days. Five days later, step 4 of lockdown will take place which will stay in effect for 15 days. 


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World Health Organization has not released any official statement regarding the protocols and measures to be followed to fight against Corona Virus Disease (COViD – 19).

The Indian Government has denied all the rumors talking about the lockdown to be extended.

According to various reports, PM Modi has asked all the state governments to come up with a common exit plan after this lockdown ends on April 14. The lockdown will be lifted up in phases and not all together, as per news reports.

Final Verdict : FALSE

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