#Promote_All_IGNOU_Students Twitter Trend

A hash-tag – #Promote_All_IGNOU_Students has been trending on Twitter after news from HRD Ministry to promote 1st & 2nd year students without conducting exams.

Recently, there has been a news that the HRD Ministry has asked the universities to look into the possibility of promoting students to the next year without conducting exams, based on some previous internal assessments & assignments. This is not recommended for the students in the final year of their curriculum, however.

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Do you think IGNOU students should be promoted without conducting Exams on the basis of assignments?
Do you think IGNOU students should be promoted without conducting Exams on the basis of assignments?
Do you think IGNOU students should be promoted without conducting Exams on the basis of assignments?

This has been advised in the wake of the ongoing Corona Virus CoViD-19 scare. The CoViD 19 has already led to all universities postponing their term end exams.

In light of the above, a hash-tag – #Promote_All_IGNOU_Students has been trending on Twitter.


Students seem to be requesting the authorities at IGNOU & the HRD Ministry to cancel the upcoming term end exams due to the pandemic situation & promote everyone, including the final year students.

The request, that seems common in all the tweets, is based on the argument that it is highly dangerous for students to step out to exam centers due to the disease spreading far & wide by the day. Moreover, students feel it might be tedious to reach exam centers in absence/scarcity of public transport facilities.

Another common factor in most of the tweets includes reference to Israel reopening schools which caused 250 fresh cases of CoViD-19 among the school kids.

Let’s look at some of the tweets:

While the fear of the pandemic among the students & their parents is totally rational, how justified would it be to simply promote all the students without any form of proper assessment? Moreover, promoting the final year students – how justified is that for them & for the employers employing them on the basis of their qualifications & degrees? Let’s give this a thought….

It is for no one to guess that CoViD 19 cases are on a steep rise in India & the virus is spreading like wildfire. It only makes sense to avoid stepping out in public places, especially where there is expected to be a huge crowd. Examination centers are one such crowded place.

Moreover, given that IGNOU is the largest university in the world, with lacs of students enrolled for various courses & curriculum, conducting examinations by any alternate means, like online etc., is a very tough job to implement for the university. At the same time, it is equally tough for the students to adapt to this sudden & drastic change in the examination pattern.

Hence, the call for promoting students in the 1st & 2nd year of their curriculum seems totally justified. These students still have another year(s) to study & get proper assessment of their knowledge & skills, before they step out to the real world & look for employment based on the same skills

However, the case may not be so for the final year students. These students, once promoted, will be out of the formal education curriculum, at least for the current curriculum, & look for employment means or further education opportunities. In such a scenario, how appropriate would it be for them to be screened based on just their assignment submissions. That too when the same assignments can be easily bought for pennies & submitted without any actual study or knowledge gain.

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Can there be no other alternates for assessments of the final year students, like postponing the exams till situation gets better or some easy way of online exams?

In the current scenario, new admissions are as hard to be conducted as is getting new employment opportunities due to the dwindling economy. It is hard to say if the delay in assessments for final year students would result in an year loss situation. In fact, new admissions can be started by the universities right after final year examinations are conducted across universities, probably shifting the academic year from April – March to a totally new period.

While there is no official word from IGNOU authorities on the notification from the HRD ministry or about their decision to promote the students with or without the term end examinations, only thing that one can do right now is hope for the best decision &, till the time that decision is reached & announced, – STUDY!

Do you support this call to Promote_All_IGNOU_Students? What is YOUR opinion on this matter? Do leave your comments & suggestions below.

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