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What is Lido Learning?

Lido\’s top-notch Maths tutors & small classes, with a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio, ensure that every child gets personal attention & a safe learning environment. Every Maths class is carefully designed to ensure that children deeply understand every concept & its application to help them score better marks in school & build a bright future, beyond! Our teachers take great care to provide regular feedback, encouragement, & ample opportunities to each student to clarify doubts at every step of the way, making the study of Maths a joyful experience!

  1. Focus on conceptual understanding: At Lido, we focus on mastering the fundamentals of Mathematics to build a strong foundation. This helps our students approach the subject logically.
  2. Building real-world skills: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, Lido’s Maths curriculum encourages students to apply Mathematical concepts to solving real-world problems.
  3. Confidence to top Maths exams: We provide unlimited text and video content covering key concepts for self-study, and a large question bank so your child can practice Maths after class, too! This helps your child fall in love with Maths and score better marks in school Maths examinations!

We cater to students of class 4th, class 5th, class 6th, class 7th, class 8th, and class 9th through online Math classes for ICSE board, CBSE board, and Maharashtra and Gujarat state boards.

How will learning Maths with Lido help my child?

Learning Maths with Lido will help your child score better marks in school examinations, build mathematical skills to solve real-world problems, and feel confident to appear for and top school examinations and competitive exams like International Olympiads.

How many Math classes will my child attend every week?

Every week at Lido is packed with learning and fun. We conduct 3 live online classes for Maths every week — on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Children can also attend live online revision classes on weekends when they need some extra help.

Will Lido help with homework and clearing doubts?

Our 6:1 student-teacher ratio allows every student enough time with the teacher to clarify doubts before the class ends. Further, our AI-driven homework solutions help students practice and learn Maths independently, even without the teacher around!

What is included in a Lido Maths course?

Lido’s Maths program comes with a library of 150+ topics to choose from, all taught by top-notch Maths teachers, through videos, games, and other fun virtual classroom activities. In addition to that, we provide fun homework assignments, quizzes, & tests — all customised to suit your child’s learning needs! — and a massive Maths question bank, so your child never runs out of practice material!

Can my child sign up for Maths only?

If your child needs help with Mathematics only, then your child can choose to sign up for just Mathematics. However, your child will get the full Lido experience if your child takes live online classes for all 4 subjects – Maths, Science, English, and Coding. Lido will soon be launching live online classes for Vedic Maths as well!

How does Lido select Math teachers?

Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become Lido tutors after a thorough screening process & background check. Each Maths tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their needs to multiply their chances at mathematical success & better test scores!

Start learning with us!

If you are a motivated parent and want to empower your child to master Maths and top examinations and International Olympiads, then join Lido now. If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online Maths classes/programs, enroll for a free Maths class now! Remember, the Maths trial is totally free!


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