Multiplying a number by 5 – Learn Vedic Maths for Fast & Easy Calculations

Vedic Maths Tricks is a collection of techniques to solve math problems in an easy and faster way, given to this world by ancient Indian scholars. The name Vedic Maths is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Veda’ which means ‘Knowledge’.

By Learning Vedic Maths Tricks, complex math problems can be solved very simply. Learn Vedic Maths is a boon for all those preparing for competitive exams such as JEE, SSC etc. where time is crucial.

Here is one such simple Vedic Maths Trick which will help you make math look easy.

Multiplying a number by 5

This trick is super easy.
Take any number, then divide it by 2 (in other words, half the number). If the result is whole, add a 0 at the end. If it is not, ignore the remainder and add a 5 at the end. It works every time:

For example: 1890 x 5 =?
Step 1. 1890 / 2 = 945
Step 2. Whole number, so add 0
The answer will be 1890 x 5 = 9450

Let’s try one more: 1457 x 5
Step 1 1457 / 2 = 728.5
Step 2. Fractional number, so ignore remainder and add 5
The answer will be 1457 x 5 = 7285

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