Vedic Mathematics Teaching Material



The page references in the Summary are to the Elementary Teacher\’s Manual by Kenneth Williams.
There are 3 Levels in the course: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
Each level has 4 Blocks and each block has 3 lessons followed by a revision lesson and test.
Lesson 16 in each Level is revision and a test on the whole Level.

The worksheets are just exercises: so you can teach from the Manual and the Worksheet is done during the lesson and/or finished for homework.
The Worksheets on the right below (with the capital T) are for teachers: they are the same but have answers included.

Please note, every 4th worksheet is revision but not all these currently contain exercises. Perhaps someone will supply this material to me, to upload for everyone.
This material is free for you to use as you wish, provided the source (Vedic Maths Academy) is acknowdedged where appropriate.


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