Vedic Maths Course -become Zero To Hero

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What you\’ll learn
It promotes mental calculation,saves and increases productivity
It enables faster calculation as compared to the traditional method.

Enables you to put minimum effort in maths
It will boost self confidence,logical thinking & accuracy
Vedic Maths is a methodology of fast calculations having Vedic Sutras which saves in maths and has benefits & features to develop mental maths and speed in maths. It is an ancient system of calculation found in the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirathji. He was born in 1884 in Puri, Orrisa. He had a great hold in the subjects of Maths, Science, Sanskrit, and Humanities. He had learned these techniques from \”Rig Veda\”.
It helps faster calculations with a lot of tricks, short-cut methods also called Sutras.
This course is designed interactively for bners to improve speed and accuracy.
The syllabus consists of the following topics
1. Multiplication
2. Division
3. Addition
4. Subtraction
5. Square
6. Square-root
7. Cube
8. Cube-root
9. LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)
10. HCF (Highest Common Factor)
11. Fractions
Benefits of this wonderful course
1. Reduce Rough Work
2. Builds Speed and Accuracy in Maths
3. Save in Calculations
4. Students Confidence is Higher
5. Higher Ranks in Competitions
6. Easy to Pick up and Learn
7. Make Maths Interesting and Fun
8. It Increases Visualization
9. It develops Logical Reasoning
10. It Develops your Concentration
Explanation with Examples in Vedic Methodology
Vedic Mathematics Methods of doing Maths helps to solve difficult sums easily and quickly. And these are systematic methods implying these are far easier than conventional methods taught in the school. It reduces a lot of steps for children and thereby increases their speed of calculation making them competitive. Hence in school competitions and Olympiads kids trained with this system of learning do better than others otherwise.
Nowadays the interest in the Vedic System of Learning is growing a lot. The children are comfortably applying Vedic Sutras in Geometry, Calculus, Computing Etc.
It is said \”Practice Makes the Man Perfect\”, the more you practice the better is the speed of calculation and mental maths of the students.
The benefit of Vedic Maths to Teachers
1. Learn to Calculate Faster
Knowing the techniques for faster calculations will help you to train students excellently in maths.
2. Develops Logical Ability of Students
Vedic Maths helps to grow students\’ brains and their mathematical ability.
3. Start your Center
One can easily start center online or offline as there is a huge demand for Vedic Maths to develop the mental maths ability of children.
4. Better Career Opportunities
Vedic Maths Teachers have better opportunities to grow than otherwise. It adds a feather in their teaching cap for growth in their career.
Each topic is elaborated in detail so that everybody can understand very easily.
After every lecture, a student has to attempt a quiz that will improve his/her speed & accuracy.
Who this course is for:
Basic Vedic Maths Course for bners
Multiplication,Adition,Subtraction,Division,Square ,Square root,Cube,Cube root,LCM,HCF and Fractions
TOPICS like Calendar,Decimal,Percentage will be added soon
Course content
13 sections 53 lectures 6h 39m total length



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